Journey to Space

Journey to Space

Ready to embark on an otherworldly adventure? Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of space exploration as we unveil Journey to Space, on January 27th at the Mayborn. Discover what it's truly like to live and work beyond Earth's atmosphere.

The Exhibit

Explore the extraordinary environment of space, from the awe-inspiring sights to the challenges astronauts brave on their missions. Experience firsthand the innovations and adaptations engineered to ensure their survival in space. Step inside the immersive space station exhibit, hear the sounds, and witness the sights that astronauts encounter daily.

Mark your calendars and prepare for a journey that's truly out of this world!


Ticket Information

Adults $10
Children (2-12yr) $8
Seniors (65yr+) $9
Baylor University Students Free
Museum Members Free

Military and group discounts available.