Total Solar Eclipse at the Mayborn

Monday, April 8, 2024
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Get ready for an incredible day of exploration and discovery as we celebrate the April 8th Eclipse at Mayborn Museum! We're thrilled to offer a series of engaging activities that will ignite your curiosity about the sun, the moon, and the wonders of our solar system.

🌞 Sunny Day Activities: Dive into hands-on activities like "UV Rays and the Human Body" where you'll learn about the effects of UV rays by experimenting with sunscreen and black construction paper. Get creative and make art while understanding the importance of sun protection.

Discover the power of the sun with our "Solar Updraft Tower" experiment. Build your own pinwheel and witness how the sun's heat creates an updraft, teaching you about convection and solar energy.

☁️ Cloudy Day Activities: Even if the skies are cloudy, there's plenty to explore! Craft your own sundial and learn how to tell time using the sun's shadow. Dive deeper into the mechanics of solar and lunar eclipses with our interactive model, and explore the fascinating world of spectroscopy to understand how scientists study light.

🔍 Pocket Solar Demos: Our educators and volunteers will be equipped with portable activities to engage and educate visitors throughout the day. From discussing eclipse safety with homemade pinhole cameras to demonstrating shadow diffusion and exploring the sun's energy with pocket-sized radiometers, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness the total solar eclipse at Mayborn Museum on April 8, 2024!  See you there!